Chinese Communist Party Officials Beat and Kill Child for Parents’ Violation of One-Child Law

Shanghai (GRN) — Agents from The Communist Party of China brutally beat an unarmed teenager to death last month on a street corner with clubs, fists, and repeated electric shocks. The story has received international attention due to a leaked video showing the child wailing for his father as party officials bludgeoned him mercilessly.

The incident has further caused outrage in the wake of an announcement by Chinese authorities that the men charged with his death would not be prosecuted for their actions. The only objection officials had with the behavior of the party officials, according to the statement, was their use of profanity.

An anonymous tip informed Communist Party officials that Sun Qian, age 16, was the second child in his family—a violation of the country’s one-child policy. Officers questioned Qian for several minutes but did not attempt to handcuff him during the encounter, apparently believing that he posed no physical threat.

What happened next was only made public due to a nearby surveillance camera and the owner publishing the video online, where it quickly went viral; party officials had confiscated all cameras of the encounter they could find from nearby pedestrians, evidently in a shocking attempt to cover up their actions.

In the video, one officer is seen putting on a pair of rubber gloves, after which he turned to Qian and said (roughly translated from Chinese) “See my fists? They’re going to f— you up.” Qian rose to his feet and two officials closed on him with batons raised in their hands. Qian backed up and resisted when they tried to handcuff him, at which point the exchange quickly grew violent.

Qian is seen in the video being tackled to the ground, with party officials beating him with their fists and batons. Other agents from the party arrived as backup and joined in the assault. The third officer on the scene beat Qian with the back of a taser and shocked him several times. Agents are also seen in the video striking Qian in the back of the head with their elbows and a flashlight. Officers eventually hogtied Qian and slammed his face into concrete.

The leaked video shows a crowd gathering around the encounter as several party officials beat Qian for several minutes. The audio captures Qian’s voice desperately crying for his father and the distinctive sound of electric shocks repeatedly being used against him. “Dad! … Dad! … Dad! … Dad!…” Qian is heard shouting. He could also be heard apologizing and saying he couldn’t breathe.

“Dad, they are killing me!” were among his last words.  Eventually Qian stopped moving.

Party officials were recorded laughing with medical technicians over Qian’s listless body, next to the pool of blood shimmering in the streetlights.

A Communist Party official, speaking on condition of anonymity with GRN, stated that two of the party officials involved in the beating filed a report. When prompted to indicate what part of their bodies had been injured, the anonymous official said that “it was more than just their fists,” but would not elaborate.

“This gang evidently had sore fists and sore elbows from beating an innocent young man so many times,” commented James Droyer, an American anti-abortion activist.

Qian sustained severe head and neck injuries. He remained in a coma for five days, and after showing no signs of improvement was taken off life-support.

“When I first walked into the hospital, I looked at what his mother described as my son … I didn’t recognize him,” said Chongan Qian, Sun’s father.

“This is cold-blooded, aggravated murder,” he said, after being shown the leaked video. “My son was brutally beaten to death.”

In a rare display of defiance, Chongan Qian has become very outspoken regarding the actions taken against his son—risking his own physical safety in doing so. In an open letter addressed to party officials that he posted online, Qian wrote, “I just wonder where my son’s rights went as a citizen. Where were his rights? Listen to my son beg those officers, ‘Please, please, God, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’ And the last words of his life, ‘Dad! Dad!’ I want you to hear that for the rest of your life like I will.”

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  • Shannon Kelly

    I would LOVE to be able to do what those “officers” did to that teenager, to them…. EACH and EVERY ONE OF THEM, should feel the same torture he did…. I’d show no mercy

  • Jacques Shellac

    Wow. Guess they’re really serious about that one child per family policy.

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