Pakistani Terrorist Detonates Car Bomb in NYC, Killing 13

New York City (GRN) — Thirteen people, two women and three children among them, were killed when a suspected Pakistani terrorist detonated a car bomb outside an apartment complex in the Queens area of New York City early this morning.

Eyewitnesses said the terrorist had been arguing with a tenant, Derek Turkson, before entering his vehicle and igniting the bomb, destroying the apartment complex. Turkson teaches at a nearby public school and is reported to have close contacts with Pakistani immigrants in the area.

This was the second terrorist attack in New York City in the past 24 hours. Late last night, another terrorist attacked a house in the Melrose neighborhood, killing 12 people and injuring 13 others.

Local residents said they heard two loud explosions before dawn. Bystanders rushed to the place to rescue the injured and retrieve the bodies from debris.

A local merchant said the place was littered with body parts and it was difficult to recognize the victims. He said that authorities collected body parts from rubble and put them into sacks for burial.

A representative from the mayor’s office told GRN saying that a majority of the victims were women and children. He said that 13 people, including two women and three children, were inside their apartments at the time of the attack and died in the explosion.

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  • PigManFan

    Has anyone writing for GRN cared to read what jihadists have written to other Muslims? If not, how do you know what their goals are? They are radically different from those in the videos and statements they make to the media.

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