Yemeni Terrorists Kill American Military Commander, Assassinate His Son

Phoenix, AZ (GRN) — The U.S. Department of Defense confirmed this morning that Air Force Brigadier General Bill Thompson was killed by an improvised explosive device while en route to the Luke Air Force Base near Glendale. In what appears to be a connected attack, Thompson’s 16-year-old son, Chris, was killed shortly thereafter while eating at a local diner with friends.

Several witnesses at the diner report that masked gunmen, who allegedly appeared in middle eastern clothing and spoke in an Arabic dialect, opened fire first at Chris, and then at others sitting nearby. Nine people in total were killed and pronounced dead at the scene.

A statement published shortly thereafter on a website reportedly owned by the al-Qaeda affiliate in Yemen claimed responsibility for the deaths. High-ranking sources within the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, speaking on condition of anonymity, tell GRN that it is believed the Yemeni terrorists traveled first to Mexico and then crossed the border into Arizona along with other illegal immigrants.

General Thompson was an outspoken critic of the nascent terrorist groups in Yemen, and helped coordinate the growing drone strikes being conducted in that country by the U.S. military. “It makes sense why these terrorists would want to kill Thompson,” said Jillian Gerard, spokeswoman for the ACLU. “What doesn’t make sense is why they would kill his innocent son after the fact.”

In response to this, the al-Qaeda affiliate’s website reads, “The boy should have had a far more responsible father if his parents were truly concerned about the well being of their children. Becoming a leader for the great Satan—the most oppressive military in the world—is not the best way to go about doing your business.”

“To kill a teenager is just unbelievable, really, and they claim that he supports the drone strikes. It’s nonsense,” said Arnold Thompson, the former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture who was General Thompson’s father and Chris’ grandfather.  “Look at his pictures, his friends, and his hobbies. His Facebook page shows a typical kid. A teenager who paid a hefty price for something he never did and never was.”

Chris’ Facebook page is littered with photos of a seemingly happy young man enjoying life in Arizona, with an abundance of “selfies” and smiles.

The White House released a brief statement pledging to hold the attackers accountable for their actions. “This senseless attack on the lives of innocent Americans will not go unanswered. Sovereign soil has been invaded by a hostile force, and terrorists both in Yemen and other countries should be on notice that our efforts to eradicate them will only increase.”

For his part, Arnold Thompson choked back tears to tell GRN,  “I urge the Yemeni people to bring the killers to justice. I urge them to expose the hypocrisy of their leaders who claim to be advocates of peace. To some, they may be that. To me and my family, they are nothing more than child killers.”

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